Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Not Just For Kids: Pantomimes Are For Everyone!

So many people - too many people - dismiss pantomime as being solely for children or as being somehow lesser as an art form than, say, a Shakespearean tragedy or a high-brow comedy or even a musical. 

But here at The Wight Strollers, we firmly believe that pantomime is no less valuable than any other form of theatre - it's just different!

There is more to pantomime than meets the eye, and we're going to give you our top ten reasons why we believe that pantomime is for everyone - enjoy!


1. It's Got It All!
Singing, acting, dancing, the humble pantomime has everything! An extravaganza of music, laughter and dance, it's a variety show with a storyline! What's not to like?

2. It's Timeless
The stories chosen for pantomimes are often age-old tales that people the world over hold dear, adults and children alike. From Aladdin to Cinderella, the difference between right and wrong is nowhere better illustrated than in these classic fairytales.

3. Panto Humour
There is barely a joke in Pantoland that cannot be perceived as an innuendo! Double entendre is the name of the game in any panto worth its salt, and script writers are only too aware that for every child in the audience there is at least one corresponding adult to keep entertained!

4. The Dame
A character that both adults and children can appreciate; whilst the children laugh at a dame's silly outfits, the adults will often find themselves on the receiving end of the dame's flirtatious humour!

5. Audience Participation
It's not a panto without audience participation, and there are no rules about how loud you can shout! Get involved and have a bit of fun: warn the princess of impending danger, argue with the villain...and heckle the dame. We dare you.

6. It's A Visual Feast
Costumes, scenery, pyrotechnics, lighting. Pantomimes, no matter what their size, can be a visual treat for audience members of any age. From the glitz and glamour of the wardrobe to the stunning backdrops, pantomimes give artists, seamstresses and technicians a chance to really let rip with their talents. It's a real labour of love for the behind-the-scenes team, and it shows in every sequin.

7. Family Bonding
Whether you visit with your children, your other half, your parents or your friends, a good old-fashioned pantomime is the perfect way to bring the family together. There's something for everyone and, as with any good show or film, each person will come away remembering and feeling something different...

8. Introducing Live Theatre
Do you love the arts? Are you a fan of theatre? Would you love for your children to grow up with the same appreciation of live entertainment? Well then, take an afternoon away from the realms of pause, rewind and skip, and step into a world of wonder where it's all about live-action and anything can happen! Who knows - it may even inspire a budding performer to take those first crucial steps onto a stage...

9. A Touch Of Magic
As we grow older, we can often lose sight of the magic that filled the world when we were children, but in Pantoland reality is suspended and the impossible becomes possible. We have magic in abundance, and we love nothing better than to share it with our audiences!

10. Happily Ever After
In a world growing weary of bad news, despair and disaster, there is something to be said for escaping for a few hours into a world where dreams come true and a happy ending is a given.

After all, everyone deserves the chance to believe in 'happily ever after' least for a little while.


Convinced? We are, too! So check your diaries and buy your tickets for Aladdin at Medina Theatre on February 14th, 15th and 21st. You don't want to miss it!

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