Saturday, 7 February 2015

Behind every great hero...

...There is a rather nasty villain!

And this year it's the wicked Abanazer, an Egyptian sorcerer with plans to take over the world. If he can get his hands on a certain magic lamp, that is!

Playing the malicious magician is none other than Tim Smith, who won an Isle of Wight Amateur Theatre Award last November for his portrayal of Precious the pirate in last year's pantomime, Robinson Crusoe.

Funnily enough, Tim's first appearance on stage with The Wight Strollers was in Aladdin, back in February 2009...but last time he was very much on the side of good, playing the Genie of the Lamp.

Since then, he has played Captain Jack in Dick Whittington, an Ugly Sister in Cinderella, Will Scarlett in Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood, Filch the Henchman in Sleeping Beauty and, of course, Precious in Robinson Crusoe.

Tim, that's quite the array of parts - which has been your favourite?

"I think my favourite would have to be last year, when we were the pirates and I was Precious - mostly because of the Titanic synchronised swimming bit, that was fantastic."

You won an Isle of Wight Amateur Theatre Award for that performance - how did you feel when you won?

"Overwhelmed, actually - I never expected to win it! It was a wonderful surprise just to be nominated, so to win it was amazing."

It was a well-deserved win, Tim! It's quite a change for you this year, being a baddie - what's the biggest challenge about playing Abanazer?

"The biggest challenge for me has been getting out of the performance I did last year and getting into being a real villain and being nasty...and keeping that nasty up all the time! But it's coming now and I'm pleased with it - I'm really enjoying it."

Final question, Tim - what's your favourite thing about being in The Wight Strollers?

"The family atmosphere, definitely - everybody is so lovely."

That's what we like to hear! Thanks for answering our questions, Tim, and we're sure you'll be an absolutely terrifying villain!

You can witness Tim's villainous turn as Abanazer in this year's pantomime, Aladdin, at Medina Theatre on February 14th, 15th and 21st. Book your tickets by visiting the Medina Theatre website or by phoning 01983 823884, or simply by popping into the box office in person - see you there!

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