Monday, 12 October 2015

It's A Heigh-Ho Holiday!

Our Seven Dwarfs getting busy and dig, dig, digging in the sand!
With such a bumper year coming up in 2016 for The Wight Strollers, we decided it was time to really crack on with panto and get the publicity started early...with a much-needed holiday!

Snow White, Prince Ferdinand, Queen Avarice and all seven - that's right, all seven! - dwarfs decided to up and leave their fairytale roles for a weekend and go on holiday to a mystical beach far, far away.

In Shanklin.

Upon their return, they decided to share their holiday snaps with us. They said it would be good publicity, but we think they just wanted to make everyone jealous as they lapped up the last of this year's sunshine!

Without further ado, let's find our what our wayward characters got up to on their holiday...

Sniffle's workmanship is not to be sneezed at!

Once everyone had gathered at Brainy's beach hut, the day began the only way any beach holiday can: with the building of a sandcastle.

And not just any sandcastle...

A Disney sandcastle.

So, with the help of our producers and honorary dwarfs for a day, Mike and Judith, the team set to work.

Complete with flags, it was quite the creation!

But it took a lot of work and a lot of sand, and tempers (namely Grumbly's) were soon starting to fray...

Mercifully, our hero Prince Ferdinand was able to wrestle the shovel away from Grumbly before any real damage was done, and our castle was saved!

Once everyone had calmed down, refreshments were in order and what do dwarfs most like to drink on their days off?

Why, 7-Up, of course!

Feeling thoroughly refreshed and ready for their next beach activity, the dwarfs took to the waves for a body-boarding lesson from Prince Ferdinand.

Sadly, though, not everyone could stay awake long enough to take advantage of the free tuition!

Wake up, Snoozy!

No? Alright, then, suit yourself.

It's not quite a horse and carriage, but it does the job!

Meanwhile, our very own Princess Snow White had far more success, although we can't help but feel like she didn't really do much of the legwork...

What it is to be a princess and have a handsome prince to come to your rescue at every turn - some people have all the luck!

Exhausted from their watersports, our characters' stomachs were starting to rumble...

All together now: "She's behind you!"
In a rare display of kindness, Queen Avarice offered to provide the snacks and everyone settled down to a nice, juicy apple.

She even pulled up a sun lounger for Snow White, so our heroine could relax in style.

Hold on a minute.

Something's wrong with this picture...

So much for turning over a new leaf - someone take that apple from Snow White before she can eat it, please!

It wouldn't do to have her sleep through all our rehearsals!

A crisis was averted when, before she could take a bite of the apple, the dwarfs spotted what the Queen was up to and turned their water pistols on the villain without hesitation!

We hope she's learned her lesson...but, somehow, we doubt it!

Given a moment's peace, Prince Ferdinand and Princess Snow White decided to retreat to their deckchairs and recline while they had the chance.

Unfortunately, it looks like Prince Ferdinand found Snow White's talk of forest creatures, wishing wells and cleaning cottages too much to handle!

Either that or he took a bite of the red apple...

...For his sake, we think he should go with the latter explanation!

When the dwarfs finally returned, with Queen Avarice in tow, Snow White took it upon herself to wake the prince with one of their water pistols. Let's hope she never needs waking up from an apple-induced sleep - he might be tempted to deviate from the story and take revenge!

With their holiday coming to a close, Snow White finally managed to negotiate a truce between the dwarfs and Queen Avarice, and they returned to their beloved sandcastle for one last group photo before heading home.

A Happy Holiday with the cast of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'


We would like to thank Amanda and Allan Gregory for the use of their beach hut, breakfast and the many inflatables, body-boards, buckets and spades they so generously provided. To Allan, too, a huge thank-you for taking such wonderful photos of the holiday!

We would also like to thank the team at Smallhope Beach, Shanklin, for being so accommodating, our producers - Mike Squibb and Judith Day - for building the sandcastle, Karen Cassford for co-ordinating all seven dwarfs, and BlackMilk Clothing for the Snow White swimming costume.

Finally, a huge thank-you to our wonderful cast members for giving up their Saturday and getting into the spirit of the day with so much enthusiasm.

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