Saturday, 23 January 2016

Snow White: A Sneak Peek...

Rehearsals so far have been a blast and, with ticket sales through the roof, we've stepped up a gear this month to ensure that our production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is our most magical pantomime to date.

Our cast are rehearsing twice weekly, smaller groups are meeting for extra rehearsals in their free time, our dancers have extended their hours at Sunday rehearsals, our backstage team are putting the finishing touches to the scenery, our publicity team are working their socks off, our wardrobe department are sewing in their every spare minute, and Panto HQ is littered with paperwork as we enter the final countdown to showtime - it's all systems go in PantoLand!

So we thought we'd treat you to a few pictures from behind the scenes and a few words from our 50-strong cast...

"The rehearsals for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs this year have been funny - and challenging at times! The cast are amazing! And yet again, this year new members have joined our ever-increasing team. I cannot wait to see the cast in costume, as this will truly bring the characters to life...pantomime fun, songs and dance - a great show, not to be missed!"
Stuart Egan - Justice Quill

"I am hugely proud of our talented cast and crew.  Snow White is my favourite pantomime and I am thrilled to be directing again.  I always maintain panto is often a child's first experience of live theatre, and in a world filled with screens and technology it is even more important that children get a chance to see real people on can't pause or rewind us! Directing is hard work but bringing the vision together is truly rewarding, especially when you work alongside such a talented team. I love The Wight Strollers."
Sarah Scotcher - The 'Grumbly' Director

"I always love the Strollers' panto rehearsals but this stage in the game is certainly the best; it's great watching all the individual sections coming together and seeing all of our hard work starting to take shape."
Nicola Chastney - Chorus

"Who do you know who has a fabulous dressing up wardrobe? . . . A member of the Wight Strollers, thats who! Come along for a couple of hours of panto fun and see the costumes our amazing team of 'our very own costume-makers' have created this year to make our cast 'feel the part!'"
Karen Cassford - Our 'Snoozy' Head of Wardrobe

"So is pantomime just for Christmas? No, not at all, you can enjoy it at any time of the year - and wow, wait 'til you see what The Wight Strollers have in store for you! Comedy, tragedy, suspense, fun, love and even death, all rolled together in a musical bubble which will have you leaving the theatre with a warm glow (even better than a Disney film). Hope to see you there!"
Amanda Gregory - Brainy

"What better way to spend Valentine's weekend than with a timeless tale of True Love?! You will laugh, cry, and above all be completely lost in the magic and excitement of Snow White."
Beth Batchelor - Chorus

"This year, the Strollers have completely outdone themselves. Not only in keeping spirits high through cold rehearsal halls, but in finding that quintessential magic that a classic tale quite like this one certainly requires. For everyone, being part of this has been a roller coaster ride of fun and laughs from the very beginning. I hope you can all come join us and see for yourself, a fantastic retelling of this perfect tale to kick your winter blues away."
Harley Hodgson-Tuck - Prince Ferdinand


Experience the magic, fun and friendship of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for yourself by booking tickets for one of our five performances - February 13th, 14th and 20th - at the Medina Theatre Box Office either in person, online or by phoning 01983 823884.


  1. booked our tickets and looking forward to the show
    break a leg, everyone !

    1. Fantastic, Janice! Thank-you so much for your support! x