Saturday, 2 July 2016

He's Just A Dreamer...

The story of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is well-known and much loved among children and adults alike.

Taken from the book of Genesis, the story of Joseph the dreamer and his rise to fame and fortune as the Pharaoh's right-hand man is fast-paced and exciting. Joseph, one of twelve brothers, is the favourite son of Jacob.

Playing everyone's favourite dreamer is Nick Weightman, who joined the company in 2014, playing the title role in our February 2015 pantomime, Aladdin. In our 2016 panto - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - he doubled as Merlin of the Mirror and Slurp the Henchman. But this is a different type of role entirely...


Nick, you've had some brilliant parts in your short time with us, but Joseph must surely take the cake! How did you feel when you were asked to play this iconic role?

Privileged. Honoured. It was such a long time ago now that I was asked, so thinking about it now is actually really weird!

How have the rehearsals been so far?

Incredible - so much fun. All the brothers have gelled so nicely, and everyone has really pulled together as a team. It's been absolutely brilliant.

So come on, you must have a favourite moment in the show. What is it?

My favourite moment...that's tricky, there are so many of them!

Well...I suppose we can let you have a top two - we're feeling generous!

I can have two? Okay...probably putting on my coat for the first time, I do like that bit. And I love shouting at the brothers, when they decide to leave [Egypt] and I get to just shout 'no!' and stop them in their tracks. I love that bit.

Shouting at your brothers? That doesn't sound very brotherly!

They threw me in a pit!

Fair point! They do deserve it, I suppose! I know they throw you in a pit, sell you into slavery and are genuinely rather mean to you, but if you had to choose a favourite brother, who would it be?

Probably Zebulun. He is quite the character - he's a bit of a joker, but in a really good, funny way.

He's certainly got a cracking sense of humour! And a brilliant voice, too! But then again, so have you - your 'Close Every Door' made a few people cry (in a good way!) at the last rehearsal. What's your favourite song in the show?

To sing or overall?

Let's roll with both.

My favourite song in the whole show is 'Potiphar' - I love the Charleston feel of it. But my favourite song to sing is probably the finale version of 'Any Dream Will Do' with all the harmonies and the 'Give me my coloured coat' bit - I love singing that."

Good choices! Speaking of the coat, what was it like seeing that for the first time?

Amazing. It's just incredible.

There are 29 colours in that coat - which one is your favourite?

It genuinely is azure!

I thought you were only saying that to give the kids a hand in the 'Colour Challenge' at our workshops!

No, I really like it! And orange. I like orange.

Nice, bright colours. So, Nick, why should people buy tickets to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?

It's very, very rare to see this show on this scale done on the Island, let alone by an amateur company, and the standard is so high. And, without sounding too big-headed, I'm also really looking forward to people seeing me as the lead in a musical - this is my big break!

That's sweet! And finally, what are you most looking forward to about being in the theatre?

Being able to see the set in its proper place, and seeing how high up that top podium is going to be looking out over the audience - it's going to be insane.

It certainly is - as someone else who runs up to that podium, I can second that! Thanks so much for chatting, Nick - and the very best of luck for the show. You really are the perfect Joseph!

To see the wonderful Nick Weightman in action as Joseph, all you need to do is phone 01983 823884 or visit the Medina Theatre website to book your tickets for July 9th and 10th.

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